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Business Nexus is a niche strategy consultancy, specializing in new market entry, proposition development and customer experience optimization.

Riding on our philosophy of "Experiencing the experience of the customer" Business Nexus use strategic problem-solving, innovative thinking on management and leadership, and pragmatic insights about people and organizations to help our clients shape strategy, improve operations, and create sustainable change.

Developing a breakthrough business strategy requires the analytical ability to identify the best strategy and the organizational ability to carry it out. Both abilities are integral to the problem-solving and creativity that allow a business to break through to a new level of performance. Business Nexus integrates the traditional strategic disciplines with an understanding of how to build the capabilities and behaviors that make business results possible.

Strategic Management

A product or service is only as great as the strategic direction that underlies it. Going back to the fundamentals of your corporate strategy.

Consumer Strategy

We are highly experienced across all areas of sales, marketing and customer operations strategy.

B2B Strategy

Our specialist B2B Strategy division solves business issues for clients across a wide range of markets.

Process Design

Anyone can do what you are doing, but can they do it better than you do? How do you preserve your competitive advantage?

Content Management

With the huge amounts of content generated daily, it is no wonder there is a need to manage them.

Corporate Communications

Corporate Communications is the voice of your business, the things your firm says anything public.



Results-oriented, Technology-driven, Pro-integration & Effective Resource Allocation to reduce inefficient business processes and to maximize the Business performance. They all sound impossible to achieve. Business Nexus believes they can be, with the right kind of implementation and the right way to communicate those ideals to all.

To manage the customer experience effectively, we develop and deploy strategies that both grow and serve your [clients] customer base. Our consultancy framework can help:

Drive customer value
Identify customer segments and align them with products and services
Focus the entire organization on the customer experience
Improve service quality through greater transparency and accountability
We believe there is no substitute for the right information. Therefore our recommendations are based on bedrock of bespoke primary data collection and proprietary analysis methodologies.



Our clients often need to respond quickly to changes in the business climate and to take advantage of windows of opportunity. But the best course of action isn't always clear, and conventional wisdom is not always the correct response.

Business Nexus helps clients consistently make better decisions resulting in improved business performance and greater value to shareholders. The most valuable service that Business Nexus provides is to gather, distill and analyze vast amounts of data and information in order to develop clear, actionable recommendations. The result? Increased certainty around vital business decisions.

Business Nexus has experience of helping companies address both general and industry-specific issues by providing consultancy based on deep market understanding. Our project experience has allowed us to generate a wealth of thought leadership into common business issues and industry trends.



In less than a year, Business Nexus has grown in the number of projects under its belt, looking at businesses in a wholesome manner and resolving problems for firms with a keen sense to improve their Strategic Management, Marketing, Operations and Control. Trained in numbers, communications and business development, Business Nexus was started with the aim to improve overall business practices in firms. Now, Business Nexus is also involved in strategic sales channel development, process design, content management, corporate communications and public relations, and how modern communication technologies live Web, can be inter-woven into these practices. We work with businesses from the inside out, of course, with the eventual goal of growing our clients' businesses.

Structured and based on the key beliefs that we hold dear to, inspired by some of the greatest businessmen in this time and age. Business Nexus stands firmly by the effective implementation of strategies in this ever-changing environment. We engage an extensive use of modern communication strategies & technologies to create win-win solutions for both businesses and their respective clients so as to leverage on the inter-connectivity present in the 21st Century.



Of course, business comes when opportunities arise and when you are ready to catch them, just like "you'll never ride a wave until you catch one". Always a keen believer of effective business processes and down-to-earth practices, things can always be better than they are. Business Nexus started with the aim to improve business practices by use of modern marketing strategic communications theories and technologies. Business Nexus achieves these results through an approach based on its philosophy of "Experiencing the experience of the customer" s

A philosophy of evidence, not opinion

We confront the challenge or opportunity without preconceived notions.

World-class analytical capability

Every solution we propose is informed by a combination of in-depth research and rigorous analysis, and tailored to the dynamics of your organization.

Real world expertise

Our partners contribute real-world experience and hands-on involvement to every engagement.

Strategic foresight

Our analysis and recommendations allow clients to visualize and explore future commercial and financial implications of decisions which leads to achieving desired KRA's and taking their brand further.

Leading Customer Management

As businesses increase their reliance on technology and outsourcing, the customer relationship, always delicate, is eroding. How can you drive customer growth, retention and loyalty while sustaining cost efficiencies and promoting profitability?

To effectively manage customers

we suggest an approach that encompasses enterprise strategy, flexible data management, effective customer analysis and segmentation, and positive service operations to attract new customers and increase revenue from existing ones.




Our name stands for what matters most to clients. To clients, Business Nexus is a leading marketing strategy consultancy trusted to deliver better results globally and to help customers sustainably and profitably expand their sales. Like our reputation, our brand is synonymous with innovation and client value creation, domain knowledge, and truly International. Our brand is born from our commitment to shine and our promise to deliver the best.

Mission & Values:

Business Nexus strives to be the partner of choice to help our clients develop strategies for growing their business worldwide


we get excited by solving client issues and helping them expand. Through our passion comes clients' success. Once committed, we deliver.


we are constantly setting the bar higher for ourselves in the search of improvements. Innovation is the driving force behind our company and our clients' engagements.


we strive on precision work and a dedicated client-focused approach. For us, client satisfaction is not just another KPI but our only path to success.


we take pride in what we do and aim to live up to our name - building solid alliances with our partners and helping them create value in Asia Pacific.


we build solid client trust by being ethically and transparent in our work, relationships and ecosystem.


we aim for an environment that is friendly, warm, and fun. We encourage diversity in people, and opinions.



With a focus on services, our clients range from Real Estate& Infrastructure, hospitality sectors to recreational clubs and even in the FMCG & Medical fields. Business Nexus works directly and closely with our partners as they expand and grow their businesses.

From consolidating existing operations to the creation of relevant communications collaterals and the use of communication technologies for future growth, Business Nexus provides the entire suite of consulting services that ensures our clients interact with their desired target audience; be it within India, or reaching out to a "Global Customer" base.

"The Power of Collaboration"

Looking back 12 months, in Dimensions, we reflected on an unfamiliar year for the economy and commented that, despite the unremitting gloom of the media, there were many positive stories which had not hit the headlines, including our own business growth.

Reflecting again, 12 months on, we can't help thinking that while much has happened in 2009, not much has fundamentally changed over the year. But, if we're all none the wiser about what the future will bring, that should not stop us all from continuing to be ingenious and resilient.

One thing we're struck by, from our own experience of a successful associate and partner network and from working with multiple clients across many sectors, is the power of collaboration. We will return to the theme of partnering in the New Year but, if you are considering joint ventures, public/private initiatives or closer collaboration with suppliers, we can help. Please feel free to contact us to explore the options.

Business Nexus currently has strategic alliances with exhibition organizers with whom we are entering new and emerging markets.

With globalization taking centre stage in the world of business, we at Business Nexus are looking to extend the number of strategic partnerships that we have in order to open up new markets and launch new business propositions.

With our extensive experience in international business consultancy, we welcome likeminded companies to discuss partnership opportunities.

No idea is small enough for us not to discuss it with you, so if you have a business proposition or a business idea, please get in touch with us.



If you'd like to talk more about the challenges you face, and find out how we can help you meeting them, please get in touch.

After talking to you about your key issues, we'll arrange a round table meeting to explore them in more detail- and ensure we take the right approach to resolve them.

We're happy to come to you, or you can visit us at our office.

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